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The level of air pollution is shooting at an alarming rate, especially in Delhi/NCR making it hard to breathe in such an environment. Also, 13 Indian cities are among the list of top 20 cities in the world that have higher levels of PM 2.5. If you are thinking of being safe inside your houses, then this is the biggest mistake. Because the indoor air is 4 to 5 times more polluted than outside. Not just this, such a high level of indoor air pollution can adversely affect your health. It is also the leading risk factor for various diseases, like asthma, lung cancer, myocardial infarction, ischemia, stroke, etc.

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​Breathing pure, healthy and fresh air is the right of every individual. Thus, to make it possible Redwood Purifiers brings to you a revolutionary new range of AIRSPA air purifiers. So, breathe fresh as our air purifiers effectively eliminate 99.9% pollutants including respirable particles (PM 2.5), dust, cooking gases, pollen, pet hair, paint and other dangerous fumes, bacteria, virus, cigarette smoke and many more pollutants commonly found in the homes, offices and cars. These are the ultimate cause of dreaded airborne infections that trigger allergies in sensitive people. Thus, say good bye to poor health and enjoy long-lasting protection against unwanted organisms with AIRSPA’s unique antibacterial and antivirus filters present in its affordable air purifiers.

Furthermore, now with ease you can buy air purifiers online in Delhi, NCR, Punjab, Haryana and UP from AIRSPA. We will deliver your product right at your doorstep, helping you in living a life in a safe environment that’s free from harmful diseases. Along with buying our products online from us, you can even get it through Amazon. To keep your purchase worry-free, all our AIRSPA air purifiers comes with a one year warranty period from the date of purchase and the first two services are at free of cost.
Still in doubt that how it works and how it will help in cleaning your indoor environment? No issues, just give us a call for free demo and we will come to your home to explain every bit of it. So, what are you waiting for? Breathe with ease, and give your loved ones the air they deserve with AIRSPA Air Purifiers.